Sydcon Group is affiliated with the Master Builders Association.
Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we are receiving only the most relevant, up to date information from people who understand the building and construction industry.

Home Warranty

Home Warranty Insurances are always held and supplied to our clients (as per government regulations), to give our clients the peace of mind you need when beginning your project.

OH&S Policy

Sydcon Group’s responsibility towards the Health, Safety and Welfare of its staff members is on the top of our priorities. The company recognises its duty of care and safety to ensure all staff members, subcontractors, suppliers, clients and the general public are safe and risk free when they are on the premises of a Sydcon Group location.

Health and safety are our priority on a constant basis, and our Managers and Supervisors are responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the OH&S standards within the workplace.
We ensure all of our staff members have the opportunity to keep up to date with the continual changes and improvements to the regulations and safety measures implemented by the NSW laws.
Sydcon Group is dedicated to ensuring a risk-free workplace, where all members of our business and community can feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings.